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Syke Lane, Dewsbury

Project: Plane out and reconstruction of Syke Lane Carriageway

Client: Kirklees Local Authority

Contract: Syke Lane road surfacing (S278 adoptable road)

Duration: 25 days (carriageway works)


Plane-out and reconstruction of Syke Lane carriageway, including minor groundwork to replace old & damaged ironwork.

This was a hugely complicated programme of works involving the removal of 2200t of old asphalt on a project to replace the old and tired surface of Syke Lane in Dewsbury. Gully’s, Manholes and other various iron work needed replacing prior to commencing the pre-planned laying of a new binder and wearing course. The overall scheme was broken down into smaller sections of work removing the need for full road closure and giving our workforce a safer operational environment to work in. This was achieved through a complex traffic management scheme put in place to allow a continual flow of traffic throughout each day of roadworks. We machine laid a new course of AC20 Binder and 10mm SMA surface course over a successive 25-day period before finally applying new thermoplastic white linings and demarcation zones to the newly refurbished carriageway.


Proactiveness and good communication between client and contractor helped to keep everything on programme. Project completion was successfully achieved within our client’s time and budget allocation.

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