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Derek Lewis Ltd 50th Anniversary paving gear


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Derek Lewis is a road surfacing contractor with years of expertise within the Highways Sector, Private & Housing Developments, Section 278 & the Retail Sector.


We provide High-Quality Road Surfacing Solutions to meet your surfacing needs. From the construction of a brand new carriageway to the re-surfacing of a badly damaged road, or any other form of repair - we have the experience and knowledge to complete all work to the highest of standards.


We take immense pride in our unwavering dedication to excellence and customer contentment. Collaborating closely with our clients, we diligently seek your unique requirements, offering bespoke solutions tailored to your individual needs. Our cadre of seasoned professionals is wholly committed to upholding unparalleled standards of workmanship and service. Employing cutting-edge equipment and methodologies, we consistently strive to ensure the utmost quality in our workmanship.


Derek Lewis Ltd, a distinguished road surfacing company, boasts over five decades of expertise within the industry. Its inception in 1973, originally operating as 'Derek Lewis Plant Hire,' marked the establishment of a prominent supplier of operated plant to diverse clients, including esteemed entities such as Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council and numerous private sector partners.

As the dynamic landscape of client demands evolved over the years, so did the company's strategic focus. Transitioning beyond its roots in plant hire, Derek Lewis Ltd diversified its offerings to encompass the complete construction package, specifically catering to the supply and laying of bituminous materials.

In a pivotal moment in 2009, the company experienced its most significant transformation in its 36-year history, with Darren Rhodes and Tom Lewis acquiring the majority shareholding from the existing owners. This pivotal change prompted an immediate rebranding to Derek Lewis Ltd, symbolising the organisation's multifaceted nature.

Leveraging its extensive experience, Derek Lewis Ltd now operates as a multifaceted entity, capable of delivering a secure and high-quality service that consistently aligns with clients' requisites and specifications.

As an established brand, Derek Lewis Ltd upholds its commitment to continual reinvestment, judicious growth, and the implementation of cutting-edge management systems for enhanced operational efficiency. The company vigilantly monitors the latest technological advancements within the industry, embracing innovations that can elevate the quality of services provided.

Maintaining an active engagement in the construction sector, Derek Lewis Ltd remains poised to adapt to industry changes, ensuring ongoing expansion and influence. The company steadfastly adheres to its core policy – 'right first time – every time.'

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