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B6108 Huddersfield Road improvements

Project: Improving the quality and durability of the B6108 Huddersfield Rd

Project Overview:

The road surfacing project on B6108 Huddersfield Road was undertaken to improve the quality, durability, and safety of the road surface. The project involved planing and resurfacing a total area of 5917 square meters at a depth of 110mm. The scope also included laying 20mm Heavy Duty Binder Course, 68 PSV 14mm SMA tex Clause 942 Surface Course, and over 2300 square meters of High Friction Surfacing. Additionally, a significant amount of ironwork was replaced to enhance the overall infrastructure of the road.

Project Execution:

1. Planning and Preparation: The project commenced with meticulous planning to ensure all aspects of the road resurfacing were carefully coordinated. This involved assessing the condition of the existing road surface, calculating material requirements, and coordinating with subcontractors for specialised tasks such as high friction surfacing.

2. Material Procurement: The necessary materials, including binder course, surface course, and high friction surfacing materials, were procured according to project specifications and quality standards.

3. Surface Preparation: Prior to resurfacing, the existing road surface was prepared by removing the old surface course to a depth of 110mm, and addressing any underlying issues. This ensured a smooth and stable base for the new surfacing materials.

4. Binder Course Installation: The project involved laying 20mm Heavy Duty Binder Course. This layer serves as a strong foundation for the surface course, providing stability and durability to the road.

5. Surface Course Application: 68 PSV 14mm SMAtex Clause 942 Surface Course was applied to the prepared road surface. This high-quality surface course ensured compliance with specification for Highway Works Clause 942 and offers excellent skid resistance, durability, and resistance to rutting, making it ideal for high-traffic roads like B6108 Huddersfield Road.

6. High Friction Surfacing: Over 2300 square meters of high friction surfacing was laid by subcontractor SAS. High friction surfacing enhances road safety by improving vehicle traction, particularly in areas prone to skidding or where additional grip is needed, such as bends, junctions, or pedestrian crossings.

7. Ironwork Replacement: As part of the project, a substantial amount of ironwork, including manhole covers, drainage grates, and other infrastructure components, was replaced to ensure the integrity and functionality of the road network.

Outcome and Impact:

The successful completion of the road surfacing project on B6108 Huddersfield Road has led to several positive outcomes and impacts:

- Improved Road Quality: The new surfacing materials have enhanced the overall quality and durability of the road surface, providing a smoother and safer driving experience for road users.

- Enhanced Safety: The installation of high friction surfacing and replacement of ironwork has improved road safety by reducing the risk of skidding and enhancing the visibility and functionality of road infrastructure.

- Increased Durability: The use of high-quality binder and surface course materials ensures the longevity and resilience of the road surface, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and repairs.

- Positive Community Feedback: The completion of the project has garnered positive feedback from local residents and road users, who appreciate the improvements made to B6108 Huddersfield Road.

In conclusion, the road surfacing project on B6108 Huddersfield Road exemplifies effective planning, coordination, and execution in infrastructure improvement initiatives. By leveraging high-quality materials, skilled labor, and strategic partnerships with subcontractors, the project has successfully delivered a safer, smoother, and more durable road surface for the benefit of the local community.

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