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A62 Manchester Road

Project: Comprehensive road surfacing scheme on the A62 Manchester Rd

Client: Kirklees Council

Project Overview:

Derek Lewis Ltd undertook a comprehensive road surfacing project on the A62 Manchester Road in Slaithwaite, demonstrating a professional approach to road construction. This project, executed in five distinct phases, was characterised by advanced traffic management strategies and the use of machine laid asphalt technology. The primary asphalt material employed was a 14mm steel slag mixture with 50 pen Macrebur bitumen and 65 PSV (Polished Stone Value) manufactured by SteelPhalt, enhanced with recyclable plastic additives. This forward-thinking combination delivered several key benefits, including reduced road noise and improved fuel economy for vehicles traversing the newly surfaced road.

Project Phases:

1. Initial Assessment and Planning: The project began with thoroughly assessing the existing road condition. Derek Lewis Ltd collaborated closely with local authorities to develop a comprehensive plan that prioritised safety, minimised disruption to the community and incorporated sustainable practices.

2. Traffic Management: Recognising the significance of maintaining traffic flow during construction, the project employed a meticulously designed traffic management system. Temporary traffic lights, 2 way follow me convoy system, and clear signage were strategically placed to ensure the safety of road users and workers alike.

3. Innovative Asphalt Mixture: The centrepiece of this project was the utilization of a unique low-emission asphalt mixture. Comprising 14mm steel slag aggregates and a 50-pen Macrebur bitumen binder infused with recyclable plastic additives, this blend not only met stringent road construction standards but also exhibited impressive sustainability credentials.

4. Application and Road Resurfacing: The chosen asphalt mixture was applied meticulously by skilled professionals. Its 65 PSV value ensured improved skid resistance, enhancing road safety. The integration of recycled plastic not only reinforced the road’s durability but also contributed to an eco-friendly construction process.

Key Outcomes:

1. Silent Running: The innovative asphalt mixture significantly reduces road noise, leading to a quieter and more peaceful environment for local residents.

2. Improved Fuel Economy: Vehicles travelling on the newly surfaced A62 Manchester Road should experience enhanced fuel economy due to the road’s smoother and more efficient surface. This benefit will be appreciated by both commuters and commercial transport operators.

3. Sustainability: The incorporation of recyclable plastic additives in the asphalt aligned with environmental goals by reducing the demand for new raw materials. This demonstrated our client’s commitment to sustainable construction practices.

4. Enhanced Safety: The use of high-PSV asphalt improves skid resistance, contributing to safer driving conditions, especially during adverse weather.


Derek Lewis Ltd successfully executed a five-phase road surfacing project on the A62 Manchester Road in Slaithwaite, setting a precedent for innovative and sustainable road construction. The strategic use of a 14mm steel slag asphalt mixture with 50 pen Macrebur bitumen and 65 PSV, enhanced with recyclable plastic additives, provides significant benefits, including reduced road noise and improved fuel economy. This project exemplified Derek Lewis Ltd.’s commitment to excellence and sustainability in the construction industry, ultimately benefiting both the local community and road users.

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