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Volunteering at Rotherham Hospice

Derek Lewis Ltd is proud to have been involved in the Rotherham Hospice car park project, in which volunteer businesses helped to solve a car parking problem at the hospice, saving it tens of thousands of pounds in the process.

The long-standing issue of limited car parking space meant that hospice staff, patients and visitors alike were struggling for spaces at the Broom Road site.  In stepped Steelphalt, along with Derek Lewis Ltd and a host of other businesses, to solve the problem by donating their skills, time, and resources to effectively double the hospice’s capacity.

Derek Lewis, taking on the role of main contractor, prepared the site as well as carrying out groundworks.  Head of fundraising Aaron Firth was eager to express the hospice’s gratitude to all involved;

“This is a shining example of local communities and businesses pulling together to support a local charity.  They pitted their time, skills and materials to solve a problem, and have saved the hospice tens of thousands of pounds into the bargain.

“We cannot thank them enough for their generosity and hard work, particularly SteelPhalt, who led the entire project from start to finish. We now have 20 more spaces which will make life so much easier for patients and families visiting loved ones.”

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