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First-Quarterly Near-Miss Award 2017

Congratulations to Reg Gaston on winning the first quarterly Near-Miss Award 2017.  The new initiative, employed for the first time this year, sees the Derek Lewis directors handpick a winner from all the near-misses reported for that quarter, who then wins a Marks & Spencer voucher worth £50.

The near-miss was reported when a car entered a road closure, nearly striking a company van in the process. Reg’s prompt reporting of the incident allowed for immediate responsive action that saw additional road blocks installed to prevent moving of the temporary fence.

Derek Lewis takes a proactive approach to health and safety, aiming to not only react to incidents, but to pre-empt them, allowing for preventative action to be taken.  Near-misses play a vital role in this process, which is why we place such an emphasis on their reporting and subsequent investigations.

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