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Winchester Avenue, Doncaster

Project: Highways and Infrastructure works

Client: Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council

Duration: 7 days

Key works: Planing & Surfacing

The Project:

The project saw us contracted to deliver highway and infrastructure works, as part of a DMBC scheme that will see the development of affordable new housing, to replace that previously demolished.

The location of the works required the setup of a road closure, with a stop-and-go traffic system maintained for the duration of our activities.  The existing surface was planed off with the resulting planings transported to a local recycling plant, via the shortest available route, in order to minimise our emissions.  We then laid a 20mm dense binder course and 40mm Stone Mastic Asphalt.  A bond coat was applied prior to the laying of the material.  The contract was delivered on budget and on time.

In order to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, we maintained a strict rule of two persons per vehicle when travelling to and from site, whilst ensuring that the correct social distance was adhered to by staff and visitors at all times.  Facemasks and hand sanitisers were in use throughout as part of our commitment to reducing the spread of the coronavirus.

Sustainability indicators:

  • No lost time injuries recorded by Derek Lewis staff

  • All planings transported to a recycling plant

  • All company vehicles are fitted with trackers to monitor carbon footprint and ensure shortest routes are taken to reduce overall mileage

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