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Warwick Rd – Batley

Project: Warwick Road - Batley. Resurfacing and Infrastructure Improvements

Project Overview:

The Warwick Road Resurfacing and Infrastructure Improvement project aimed to address the deteriorating condition of the existing carriageway on Warwick Road in Batley. The road, a vital urban thoroughfare lined with industrial units, shops, schools, and homes, required comprehensive reconstruction to enhance safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. The project was executed with a strategic phased approach to minimise disruption to residents and businesses, with special consideration given to completing business-related sections during weekends to avoid interference with regular working hours.

Scope of Works:

1. Installation, maintenance, and removal of road closures and diversions.

2. Full-depth planing of the existing carriageway, with disposal of tar-contaminated road planings at a licensed tipping facility.

3. Replacement of defective ironworks.

4. Installation of a new binder course for the reconstruction of the road (1000 tonnes).

5. Laying of a new surface course (850 tonnes).

6. Installation of new speed tables and humps.

7. Application of new road markings.

Project Highlights:

Timely and Budgetary Success: All project works were completed within the allocated timescale and budget, showcasing the project’s efficiency and effective management.

Zero Complaints: The project received zero complaints, indicating a high level of satisfaction among residents, businesses, and other stakeholders.

Quality of Resurfacing Works: The resurfacing efforts, amounting to approximately £1 million, were executed seamlessly, ensuring a snag-free outcome.

Meticulous Planning and Coordination: In-depth coordination between the contractor (Derek Lewis Ltd) and the client was a key success factor. The planning of works was meticulous, aiming to prevent disruptions wherever possible.

Early Contractor Involvement: Early involvement of the contractor (DL) with the supply chain ensured a smooth execution of all project schemes, contributing to the overall success of the project.

Resource Optimisation: The project leveraged excellent material supply links and utilised Derek Lewis’s labor resources and plant fleet efficiently, ensuring that all works were carried out in echelon without delays.


The Warwick Road Resurfacing and Infrastructure Improvement project stands as a testament to the successful collaboration between the contractor (DL), the client, and the supply chain. Through meticulous planning, strategic phasing, and efficient execution, the project not only addressed the immediate need for road reconstruction but also did so with minimal disruption, earning commendation for its quality, timeliness, and budget adherence.

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