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Dutchy Homes, Braithwell

Project: Asphalt surfacing at a new housing development in Braithwell.

Duration: 8 Days

Value: £42k

Key Works: Planing, Surfacing

These works involved assisting our client with the development of a new housing estate, located in Braithwell, Rotherham.

Beginning from the entranceway to the estate, we laid 20mm binder course to a depth of 50mm, before laying 6mm surface course to a depth of 25mm over carriageways and footpaths.  Following this, we began works on the roads laying 32mm road base to a depth of 70mm, 20mm binder course to a depth of 50mm, and 10mm SMA at a depth of 40mm.  This all required 8 visits in total at our client’s request as they developed the housing estate across the year.  The total tonnage for material used on site was 455T.

The Braithwell housing estate was Duchy Homes’ latest project, boasting the stunningly presented homes their name has become synonymous with.  The plot contains 14 new houses, adding to the already-picturesque village, known for its traditional stone properties and charming narrow streets.

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