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A623 Kingsgate, Calver

Project: Improvement works on a busy junction in Calver

Client: Derbyshire County Council

Duration: 3 nights

Key works: Surfacing, planing

For this project our client, Derbyshire County Council selected a high performance 10mm polymer modified Asphalt, designed and engineered to provide an enhanced surface course suited to high-stress areas. Working both day and night we employed a combination of hot roll and machine laying techniques to the carriageway. By project completion we had laid:

· 507m2 – 20mm Binder Course Warm Mix laid to a depth of 55mm – 65t laid

· 1848m2 – 30/14 Hot Rolled Asphalt laid to a depth of 45mm – 210t laid

· 707m2 – 10mm Supercurve Surface Course laid to a depth of 40mm – 70t laid

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