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A62 Leeds Road, Huddersfield

Project: A62 Leeds rd surfacing and infrastructure improvements

Project Summary:

In a commendable display of precision and collaboration, the central artery road connecting Huddersfield to the M62 has undergone a significant transformation, breathing new life into the heart of the town. Executed by Derek Lewis Ltd in close coordination with the local authority, the project aimed not only at enhancing the road infrastructure but also at minimising disruptions to businesses, residents, and road users.

The rejuvenation effort primarily unfolded during restricted night time hours, from 6 pm to 12 am, ensuring that the bustling businesses, shops, restaurants, leisure facilities, and homes lining the carriageway faced minimal inconvenience. A meticulously planned phasing strategy played a pivotal role in orchestrating the works seamlessly.

Temporary traffic light systems were installed, maintained, and removed each night to facilitate the phased working approach. The existing worn-out surface course was methodically planed out, making way for a new heavy-duty binder course weighing in at a substantial 200 tonnes. The culmination of the project saw the installation of a Clause 942 HAPAS approved SMA surface course, boasting 68 PSV and amounting to a whopping 1300 tonnes.

Beyond the technical feats, the project team engaged in extensive collaboration with local businesses, ensuring they were well-informed about the works’ phasing and taking proactive measures to reduce their impact. A noteworthy touch was the strategic scheduling of ‘Sunday afternoon’ work, allowing the completion of the busiest sections and civil works while minimising disturbances to the nearby Huddersfield bus depot.

The road’s facelift wasn’t just limited to the surface; new kerbs, channels, road markings, and road studs were also part of the comprehensive transformation. Through careful planning, diligent execution, and thoughtful consideration for the community, this project stands as a testament to successful urban revitalisation and infrastructure development. Huddersfield’s central artery now stands poised for the future, ensuring smooth passage for all who traverse its path.

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