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A6182 Middlebank roundabout, Doncaster

Project: Major improvement works on a busy Doncaster roundabout

Duration: 5 days

Key works: Surfacing, planing

A6182 Middlebank roundabout had been a major concern for the local authority due to the high accident rate with motor vehicles. A major project for Derek Lewis due to the high flow of traffic saw us work the back hours, keeping traffic disruption to a minimum. Over the course of 5 consecutive nights, we planed out to a depth of 90mm and laid a combination of AC20 Heavy Duty Macadam Binder Course and 10mm All Slag Fines, High Stone Content, Hot Rolled Asphalt Surface Course with a specialist fuel resisting binder content, bringing a high Anti-Skid and extremely hardwearing surface to the road way.

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